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Are you a lover of books or movies? If so, you might have watched the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies. In spectacular New Zealand, you can visit Hobbiton movie! Visiting Hobbiton in New Zealand is an experience not to be missed. Take a look below to learn more about travel adventure in this great bucket list. 

The Story of Hobbiton 

In the small agricultural community Matamata, a booming tourism business has sprung up around what has been (and still is) a large sheep farm stretching across the green of hills in Waikato district of New Zealand.


Many years ago, “Lord of the Rings” location scout flew over the Alexander family's farm to search for a big tree next to the lake. What he found was the ideal location for filming the whole of the Shire.

The story tells that the scout landed his helicopter and went to the farmhouse to ask about possible land use in a movie. Mr. Alexander informed the scout that the rugby was on and asked him to come back later.

Fortunately, he did.


When this set was built for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it was mainly made from polystyrene and other non-permanent materials - that is, when the filming was completed, the set was destroyed.

But tourists are still confused, eager to keep an eye on Hobbiton even when nothing is left.

So when Peter Jackson decided to use the Alexander farm again for the “Hobbit” trilogy, the family agreed on one condition - that they built this permanent set of materials so that tourists could REAL Visit Hobbiton after the filming ended.

Long story: everyone agrees that it will be a great idea. That's why today you can visit Hobbiton.

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Tips for visiting Hobbiton

1. Prepare for any kind of weather 

Farm Alexander almost has its own micro-climate. The weather can blow in and out faster than you ever thought possible - what looked like a sunny, quiet day at first could quickly turn into a wind with horizontal rain.


When I came to Hobbiton this time, the sun was shining. As soon as we did the movie, however, it began to pour. But by the time we reached Bag End, the sun was off and the sky was blue.

2. Bring your camera

This is an obvious thing. When planning your trip to the studio, you will want to make sure your camera is packed. They have created lots of exciting photo opportunities! Yes - your photos may look like everyone else, and you've moved through the light from one picture to another, but they'll be great. Bring a camera that can zoom in so you can capture all the small details. Each Hobbit Hut is themed to reflect the career of the hobbits living there, and it was great to discover and photograph all the additional features they have added.


3. Expected to be crowded

Hobbiton is the only full movie left in New Zealand, and it attracts everyone - even those who are not fans of the movie. You can't walk around Hobbiton yourself; You must book a tour and follow Hobbiton's instructions through the set. 


During high season, it can become crowded, so don't automatically assume that it's easy to take photos without any of them!

They limit the number of people who can go on each tour (so it is important to book in advance!), But they can contain lots of people in each tour group.

But in Hobbiton, it's so magical that I can ignore all the other tourists!

4. Have a pint at the Green Dragon

Talking about the Green Dragon, you can go inside and enjoy a glass of wine at the hobbit's favourite pub at the end of your tour. There are special beers brewed here (and a non-alcoholic ginger beer) - and yes, it's in a pint! 



5. Keep an eye out for all the little details

Although the hobbit holes here are just the facades (the internal sets are shot on a sound stage in Wellington), the details here are incredible. Laundry lines with washing hung out to dry. A picnic is set up on the pier. Mosses and lichens grow on the fence — brooms and garden tools near the hobbit door.


Even the mailboxes are hand painted (and reflect the profession of the hobbit caller that hole is home!).

Spend time searching, and you will capture many lovely details. If you go in the spring/summer season, the gardening team has a nice looking place, with a variety of colourful plants and flowers growing.

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