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New Zealand is woven with hiking trails: short walks through city parks, day hikes and lakes, and spectacular long-distance hiking trails. It is this network of routes, long and short, making New Zealand one of the best hiking destinations in the world.

1. Tongariro Northern Circuit 

The Tongariro Northern Circuit follows the famous Tongariro Alps intersection on the first section, named by National Geographic is one of the best days walks in the world. The Hiking only becomes better when the whole circuit in volcanic terrain in the center of the North Island.

 Tongariro Northern Circuit

The trail passes through the perfect cones of Mount Ngauruhoe, New Zealand's most active volcano with 61 eruptions since 1839. This includes a stunning landscape of Lake Emerald that fills the crater. 

2. Lake Waikaremoana

Walking along the shores of Lake Waikaremoana takes you through a series of tropical forests, waterfalls and secluded beaches. This great walk is in Te Ureweras. It is a moderate level full of culture and history.

Lake Waikaremoana

All shades of green are displayed at Lake Waikaremoana and surroundings. Favored by nature with the largest area of ancient forest on the North Island, as well as the magical ‘Goblin Forest,’ the trail mainly follows the shores of Lake Waikaremoana. Although going along the coast, the rails regularly enter wetlands and forests with deserted beaches and waterfalls also cropping up en route.

3. Whanganui Journey

Included as one of New Zealand's "Great Walks", Whanganui journey is more accurate than a trip by 14 km long kayak or canoe down the Whanganui River. Starting in Taumarunui, this journey takes about five days to complete and provides an early historical experience in New Zealand. For hundreds of years, the Whanganui River is an important Maori route; Later, in the early days of European settlement, it became a steamboat highway. The winding river and lowland forest around it is now a national park.

Whanganui Journey

Not a lot of walking, because this trip is made by canoe or kayak. Walls of steep valleys and ancient forests stand on either side of the Whanganui River. Whanganui's journey has a cultural experience, as one of the backcountry huts is a marae (Maori meeting house). 

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4. Abel Tasman Coast Track

One of the more accessible Great Walks, the Abel Tasman Coast Track takes you through long stretches of golden sand beaches and native bushes. You don't even have to do the entire journey by walking because taking a water taxi and kayaking are also good ways to have fun in the coastal scenery. Although it has a reputation for being easier than other Great Walks, that's not to say that there are a few climbs to coastal cliffs along the way.

Abel Tasman Coast Track

5. Heaphy Track, South Island

This challenging ancient Maori road on the South Island's west coast offers the sharpest contrast of New Zealand Boulevard. Often overlooked for the more famous Milford, Routeburn, and Abel Tasman streets, the scenery on the Sky Track often changes from the lush rainforests and grasslands that rise to the rugged mountains and the Palm-shaded beach.

Heaphy Track, South Island

This is the most extended trip in the Nine Dynasty. It passes through many diverse landscapes, including forests, rivers and the west coast of the South Island.

The track is famous for its wildlife, especially its bird life, as it is home to many great Kiwi birds. The racetrack is located in Kahurangi National Park. Kahurangi in Maori means to own treasure; A hint of what awaits pedestrians in New Zealand's second largest national park.

6. Routeburn Track, South Island

The world-famous Routeburn Track follows the Routeburn River through ice-carved valleys in the darkness of majestic mountains. High mountain tracks across the South Alps as well as Mount Aspires and Fiordland national parks. With an incredibly beautiful setting stretching across the vast peaks and valleys, this is probably the grandest of the Great Walks of New Zealand.

Routeburn Track, South Island

Dazzling waterfalls, moss-forested areas, and blurry reflections pierce the already remarkable wild scenery on this beautiful walking trail. The only drawback is it doesn't go on for longer.

7. Milford Track, South Island

New Zealand's most acclaimed walkway and one of the largest tramps in the world, Milford Track is located in Fiordland in the bottom southwest corner of the South Island.

Milford Track, South Island

Milford Track in Fiordland - New Zealand's largest national park - is the most famous place. Guests spend four days / three nights following traditional Maori routes through an impressive landscape of valleys, mountains and flames sloping from Lake Te Anau to Milford Sound. For this much-demanded route, reservation is necessary, both for independent and guided walks.

8. Kepler Track, South Island 

This explores the mountainous country between Lake Te Anau and Manapouri in Fiordland National Park. It has some steep parts, providing panoramic views.

Unlike many New Zealand's Great Walks, developed from Maori trails or pioneering expeditions, Kepler Track is completely custom built - designed to show the best of Fiordland's features. The track makes it easier to walk with most of the streams bridged; the footpath includes muddy sections and steps up steeper sections.

Kepler Track, South Island

Like the Milford Track, the Kepler track is also located in Fiordland National Park. However, Kepler is a carefully planned trail, giving pedestrians endless views of every Fiordland landscape provided: moss-draped beech forests, soaring mountain ranges, crashing waterfalls, vast glacier-carved valleys, luscious river flats, and incredible limestone rock formations. 

9. Rakiura Track, South Island

Stewart Island / Rakiura is New Zealand's newest and farthest national park and this wonderful walk. Along with this walk, there are beaches and forests to explore in the 'deep south' part of New Zealand.

Located on Stewart Island, an hour's ferry ride from Bluff on the southernmost point of South Island is the peaceful Rakiura Trail. Very few tourists come out of here to join 400-odd residents on this peaceful island sanctuary.

Rakiura Track, South Island

The almost entirely board-walked track mostly follows the open coast, climbing over ridges and passing through sheltered coves of Stewart Island.

In a country blessed with so many wonderful scenes, any one of the Nine Walks is a highlight. Remember, however, to be well prepared. These can be physically demanding walks and weather conditions can also change rapidly. 

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